Christina feels that every child can be a happy, accomplished student, given the right tools and attention. She says, “Working alongside my wonderful staff and helping these students is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life”.


Christina Shattuck

As a mother of three, Christina found herself coping with each one of her children facing individual academic challenges. When her youngest was three, she was told by his teacher that he should see an occupational therapist and be fitted with a weighted vest, so as to “make him more aware of his body and stop moving around so much” (she withdrew him immediately). Her daughter, who at the time was attending second grade at a “good private school” in Miami, could not read at all and could barely recognize letter combinations. When she met with her teacher, she was told that the school felt they should wait another four months or so, before handling the situation (she withdrew her immediately). Christina knew that one-on-one attention, a personalized curriculum and the use of a workable study method was the only answer. Once these were formulated and implemented, her youngest son went from a mid-Grade 2 reading level to a beginning 4th Grade level, in 5 months. Christina knew that there were other children, like her son, also badly in need of individualized attention in a nurturing environment, so she founded New Village Academy. Word of mouth immediately spread and she quadrupled her amount of students in the first year, and each subsequent year, the group has expanded.


Always helpful and upbeat with our students, parents, and staff, Christy keeps our front office running smoothly.

Cristy Sierra
Executive Assistant 

Cristy came to us in 2013 after having worked as an administrator for a local charter school for four years. She graduated Florida International University in 2014 with her Bachelors in Psychology, and a minor in Speech Therapy. Cristy keeps our front office organized and running like a clock, as well as managing all administrative duties and being a contact point for parents. Always upbeat and helpful, Cristy is a huge asset to our New Village Academy family.


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What Makes Us Unique?

Today’s educational environment can be tough on your child. Study Technology, developed by Humanitarian and Educator L. Ron Hubbard, is a tool which teachers and parents can use to help their children succeed in school, at home and in life; and that students can use to improve their own learning rate. The basic principle behind Study Technology is teaching people how to learn, and how to learn effectively so as to be able to use and apply what they study both now and later on in their lives. New Village Academy’s approach, using Study Technology, is to help a student get to the bottom of why they are having troubles with their education, and provide them with tools to help them overcome their educational struggles and learning difficulties.


Hear It From the Parents: 

You have created a wonderful program that has allowed us to continue our dreams while giving our kids the best education possible. In most schools, the students have to adjust to the system, your center adjusts to the student, while allowing them to advance where they are gifted and you take your time where they need the help. This is the recipe for today’s success! Your system has helped her become a better gymnast, and you have inspired her academically to do well. We have never seen a child that looks forward to go to school and do their homework as much as she does. You have the right educators, who not only teach, but also inspire. My husband and I are so very thankful and would like to congratulate you for a great school model and the great job you are doing.”
— V.D.

”I want to let you know that my son has commented to me and also to his grandmother, that he has never been at a school where the teachers cared so much. He says he has enjoyed this school more than any other school in his life. He feels and knows that you all care! I thank you for that!”
— D. A.
“New Village Academy has been a godsend! My daughters were given every opportunity to succeed in school. We tried private and public schools, tutors, bribes and punishments. Nothing worked. They felt overwhelmed as they continued falling further behind. Then, I enrolled them in New Village Academy. Today my teens are accountable for themselves, feel empowered and strive to meet goals each day, which keeps them moving toward long-term success. They have good grades and are catching up quickly. Best of all, my daughters believe in themselves,”
— V.E.M.
How do you say thank you to the people who have made a dream come true? How do you say thank you to the people who have created an opportunity for us parents to take charge of our children’s education? There are actually no words that could express the gratitude in my heart for the staff and administrators at New Village Academy.

You see, my story is a year early, I should be saying these words to you a year from now… but thanks to their educational approach my daughter is graduating one year early.

When my daughter was in the 3rd grade, I started ‘losing’ her, the girl who was one of the smartest students in the first 4 years of school, suddenly had problems with grades, and it just went downhill from there. I never stopped searching, reading, looking for an answer. When she got to High School we ended up at a school like many in Miami, with lots of kids, lost in the shuffle and with teachers that on their best days are at best mediocre. That’s when the battle got really hard, and she could not keep up with the work, and ended up failing Algebra. I could see she was not learning at all!

I took her out of the system, enrolled her in New Village Academy, and have never looked back. I was thrilled to have the opportunity for her to enroll as a private school student with them, through their licensed, accredited school – giving me the best of both worlds! Most importantly is what being able to learn has done for my child. During the first month here, she bought a book entitled something like “Smart A+ Student”, and she told me, “that’s how I feel now”. It’s just amazing to see how her self-esteem has improved. Just a couple of weeks ago she said to me: ‘Mom, in the last year and a half I have learned more than I have ever learned in my whole school life!’ Thank you. I am forever grateful that I found you.
— D. Chiari

Hear It from the Students:

“This year has been a great experience for both of us. We have learned so much from everyone here, because it was a great experience and the right decision. We both are very happy that we are now ahead of our grade level. We are very excited for next year, and we hope it’s just as exciting and educational as this school year!”
— A.R. and M.F. (7th Grade)
“Being at New Village Academy has really made a difference in my life. I was a completely different person before I came here a year and a half ago, and I really feel that I have changed for the better. I never thought I would graduate on time or even go to College. I am now graduating on time and will be attending Florida Gulf Coast University in August!

With support from my wonderful teachers and Chris, I have made it through high school, and have the determination and confidence to take the next steps in my life. They have shown me that anything is possible, and I could not be more thankful.”
— L.L. (12th Grade)
“After I started here, I loved it right away. There are so many great students here. I feel like I can get my work done so much faster, and can concentrate more effectively. I know now that I can learn anything I want to learn, and reach any goal that I set. I really look forward to the future.”
— C.N. (12th Grade)
“My favorite part of Hispanic Heritage Month was the food! It was very delicious. The piñata and the different projects were a lot of fun. I learned about the foods that Colombian people eat, and that the capital of Colombia is Bogota!”
— E.T. (4th Grade)

“Before I started at NVA, I was a procrastinator. I always did my work the night before, or even the morning the assignment was due. I was not learning because of this. I just did it to get the assignments done. After I was here for just one week, I grew the urge to do more work for myself, as opposed to ‘just getting it done.’ I want to become a teacher, and help others in the way that my incredible teachers here have helped me!”
— F.B. (graduated high school 1 year early)