We Now Offer High School Credit Recovery Courses!

After-School and Summer Programs Available



Is Your High Schooler Missing One Credit or More?

Perhaps Wanting a Better Grade?

Replace that “F” with an “A”!

Our caring, attentive tutors engage struggling high school students and help them to recover credits and get back on track for graduation. Ambitious students may take an extra course or two with us throughout the school year or in summer, in order to get a jump on credits!

With our innovative, effective learning methods, we are the perfect solution for students who have struggled in a traditional classroom, fallen behind in their work, or who have missed school due to illness or other reasons.

Your child doesn’t have to “go it alone” and take a credit recovery course online! Many parents come to us seeking guidance and tutoring for their child who is studying online, struggling, and lacking proper attention and answers. Recovering credits in our small classrooms is far more effective and expedient, because your child will receive particularly close attention in the concepts he or she cannot master, and completing assignments at his or her own pace.

Each student studies a personalized academic program which will fill in any gaps, and efficiently enable effective credit recovery. An official transcript is provided within two to three weeks of completion of the course by our private, accredited, umbrella school.

We Can Help Get Your Child Back on Track for Graduation!

* Your public or private school providing the student’s graduation diploma must approve of NVA’s program prior to enrollment (We are endorsed by most South Florida public and private schools).