We teach teens how to live more ethically and make smart decisions.

This program was created with the purpose of educating young adults in how to make smarter decisions and better choices in life. We feel that any smart decision can only be made once all of the facts are known and understood, and our goal is to make this possible by providing information in the subject areas that teens face on a day to day basis.

Life Prep is a fun and engaging program educating teens on these topics:

·       Responsible sex & how abstaining is best!

·      All about money & banking (cash, credit, & debt)

·      Ethics, morals, and personal integrity defined

·      How to deal with haters, bullies, & mean adults

·      Setting & reaching your goals

·      How to make good decisions in life

·      How to know right from wrong

·      How to apply-for & land a job

·      The devastating effects of drugs and alcohol

·      How to solve any problem


Program Cost (one-on-one and up to 3 students): 

Choose some or all topics! $55.00 an hour


BONUS!: As a supplement to the above sections of our main program, we additionally provide your teenager with an info-packed life skills packet which includes helpful information on such topics as… how to jump start a car/change a flat tire, how to do laundry/iron a shirt, choosing a career/great online jobs, how to sleep better, a food shopping list, handling medical emergencies, community service ideas, and tips to get into college!

With this hands-on training, your child will have the knowledge to make smart decisions and grow up to be a happy and contributing adult in our society!