Our students learn how to study and also to recognize when they aren’t learning, and how to get their studies back on track.


Our customized academic programs appropriately shape each student’s overall education as well as ‘fill in any of the gaps’. This takes place one-on-one or in a very small group setting, whereby each student receives an incredible amount of attention, studying multiple-curriculum subjects.

Many children are at a different level in a particular class (such as Math or Reading) than their current grade, and the custom program we create for them will reflect this so that they receive any extra-attention or review, if needed. Conversely, if a child moves ahead of grade level in a particular subject, they are encouraged to move forward, rather than stay in one grade across the boards for the entire school year. This capability to exactly target each student’s strengths and weaknesses is what makes our program so successful.

“A.R. 7th Grade. Began Math 5. at start of school year. From Sept – Jan (4.5 months) completed Math grade 5 and is moving on to 6. Used to hate Math, loves it and understands it now.”


Parents of home school students who join us have either notified the county that they are home schooling, or they have signed up with us under our private and accredited umbrella school. This private school takes the responsibility of reporting all necessary information to meet State of Florida requirements, as well as provide you with official transcripts and diploma upon graduation. For students grades 9-12, it is mandatory that parents enroll their child with our umbrella school, so as to take full advantage of all that they have to offer.

Parents can choose any or all of the following services:

  • Schooling in small groups

  • One-on-one schooling

  • Placement Testing

  • Testing, curriculum, and advice for homeschooling families

  • High school credit recovery

  • Study skills training

  • Morning or full-day schedules

If you have become disappointed or betrayed by your child’s previous academic situation, we are an effective alternative. We raise confidence, improve grades and create capable students who set goals and meet them.

For Child-Athletes

At New Village Academy, we understand that your extraordinary, young athlete dedicates a great deal of time to his or her sport, and we can create an individualized academic program and flexible study schedule which best suits your specific needs. Your child need not “go it alone” with regard to his or her schooling, fitting in time online whenever possible, without personal guidance or attention. We have worked with many different kinds of athletes, and even on a schedule of 2 hours of study per day, they have all completed grades on or ahead of schedule. 

Tuition & Rates

For specific information regarding tuition and rates, please speak to our Registrar. Due to the fact that we offer various schooling schedules and so many educational services which are tailored to your child's exact needs, it is difficult to publish a standard tuition rate.