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New Village Academy is a stress-free alternative to conventional schooling, tailored to your child's schedule, learning level, and individual needs.

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In-home in Miami, Florida, or online with a personal tutor.

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Personal, one-on-one schooling in the comfort of your own home.

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Meet The Founder

Founder and owner
Christina Shattuck

As a mother of three, Christina found herself coping with each one of her children facing individual academic challenges. When her youngest was three, she was told by his teacher that he should see an occupational therapist and be fitted with a weighted vest, so as to “make him more aware of his body and stop moving around so much” (she withdrew him immediately).

Her daughter, who at the time was attending second grade at a “good private school” in Miami, could not read at all and could barely recognize letter combinations. Christina knew that one-on-one attention, a personalized curriculum and the use of a workable study method was the only answer.

Once these were implemented, her youngest son went from a mid-grade 2 reading level to a beginning 4th grade level, in 5 months. Christina knew that there were other children, like her son, also badly in need of individualized attention in a nurturing environment, so she founded New Village Academy.

Word of mouth immediately spread and she quadrupled her amount of students in the first year, and each subsequent year, the group has expanded.